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HMAS Sydney II Commission of Inquiry

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Parliamentary Submissions : Volume 16 - July 1998
Document ID Title Submittee Document Date
PINQ.SUBS.016.0001 Submissions - Inquiry into the Circumstances of the Sinking of HMAS SYDNEY - Volume 16   July 1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0003 Index    
PINQ.SUBS.016.0005 Submission No 47E  Barnie O'Sullivan 15/06/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0007 Submission No 15F  C A V Bourne 15/06/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0013 Submission No 8N R J Hardstaff 16/06/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0016 Submission No 145B Gael Penrose 16/06/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0020 Submission No 66G  David Kennedy 19/06/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0022 Submission No 57B  Keith Shegog 19/06/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0023 Submission No 172  Edwin Charles Bone 22/06/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0024 Submission No 173  Elma Wylie 26/06/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0026 Submission No 174  Brian Hudson 20/06/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0029 Submission No 113A Keith Baker 23/06/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0031 Submission No 141A Josephine M Mort 24/06/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0032 Submission No 169A Norman C Green 24/06/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0033 Submission No 175  R C Honor 24/06/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0034 Submission No 42D  James Eagles 26/06/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0040 Submission No 169B Norman C Green 29/06/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0041 Submission No 2F Fred Weyerman 29/06/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0042 Submission No 47F  Bernard O'Sullivan 29/06/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0043 Submission No 86C  Ian Farquhar-Smith 29/06/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0044 Submission No 169C Norman C Green 29/06/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0049 Submission No 176  W L Hales 30/03/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0051 Submission No 177  Frederick Bryan Curtis 30/06/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0052 Submission No 5C L Bray 1/7/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0054 Submission No 178  George Bell 1/7/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0058 Submission No 126A Lawrence R White 2/7/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0059 Submission No 164A Leo Trenbath 3/7/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0060 Submission No 59B  Rosslyn A Hubbard Page 3/7/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0063 Submission No 179  Bruce W Davey 6/7/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0064 Submission No 66H  David Kennedy 6/7/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0067 Submission No 49A  Marion Stevens 6/7/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0071 Submission No 180  RSL (Coffs Harbour Sub-Branch) 7/7/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0073 Submission No 5D L Bray 27/03/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0079 Submission No 13A  Roy Crooke 8/7/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0082 Submission No 8O R J Hardstaff 8/7/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0085 Submission No 72A  Judith Bennett 9/7/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0086 Submission No 181  Robert Fischer 2/7/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0088 Submission No 182  P L Simfel 10/7/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0090 Submission No 14A  R H Turner 9/7/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0092 Submission No 5E L Bray 13/07/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0096 Submission No 68A  D R E King 8/7/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0099 Submission No 42D  James Eagles 14/07/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0101 Submission No 15G  C A V Bourne 20/07/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0105 Submission No 44A  C G Davis 16/07/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0106 Submission No 114A Defence Signals Directorate 16/07/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0113 Submission No 45E  Ean McDonald 17/07/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0114 Submission No 108B Adolf Marmann 17/07/1998
PINQ.SUBS.016.0116 Submission No 135A Kim Kirsner                        John Dunn 20/07/1998