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HMAS Sydney II Commission of Inquiry

The following documents have been produced in Portable Document Format (PDF). PDF documents require Acrobat Reader for viewing. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you can download it from the Adobe web site.
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Parliamentary Submissions : Volume 12 - May 1998
Document ID Title Submittee Document Date
PINQ.SUBS.012.0001 Submissions - Inquiry into the Circumstances of the Sinking of HMAS SYDNEY - Volume 12   May 1998
PINQ.SUBS.012.0003 Index    
PINQ.SUBS.012.0004 Submission No 60A  HMAS SYDNEY Foundation Trust 1/4/1998
PINQ.SUBS.012.0059 Submission No 68B  Glenys McDonald 16/04/1998
PINQ.SUBS.012.0085 Submission No 136     
PINQ.SUBS.012.0086 Submission No 29A  Bill Loane 16/04/1998
PINQ.SUBS.012.0089 Submission No 15D  C A V Bourne 18/04/1998
PINQ.SUBS.012.0096 Submission No 75A  Gascoyne Historical Society 17/04/1998
PINQ.SUBS.012.0106 Submission No 56 A John Ross 17/04/1998
PINQ.SUBS.012.0107 Submission No 137  Teruaki Kawano 9/7/1997
PINQ.SUBS.012.0110 Submission No 138  John Sharkey  
PINQ.SUBS.012.0122 Submission No 139  Lindsay J Peet 17/04/1998
PINQ.SUBS.012.0123 Submission No 140  Norman O'Neil 17/04/1998
PINQ.SUBS.012.0124 Submission No 141  Josephine M Mort 15/04/1998