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HMAS Sydney II Commission of Inquiry

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Parliamentary Submissions : Volume 11 - May 1998
Document ID Title Submittee Document Date
PINQ.SUBS.011.0001 Submissions - Inquiry into the Circumstances of the Sinking of HMAS SYDNEY - Volume 11   May 1998
PINQ.SUBS.011.0003 Index    
PINQ.SUBS.011.0004 Submission No 108  Adolf Marmann 11/3/1998
PINQ.SUBS.011.0007 Submission No 109  Australian Federal Police 3/12/1997
PINQ.SUBS.011.0011 Submission No 50A  F C Sheldon-Collins 18/03/1998
PINQ.SUBS.011.0012 Submission No 86A  Ian Farquhar-Smith 18/03/1998
PINQ.SUBS.011.0016 Submission No 96D  Bernard Eneberg JP 15/03/1998
PINQ.SUBS.011.0019 Submission No 45B  Ean McDonald 10/3/1998
PINQ.SUBS.011.0021 Submission No 8F R J Hardstaff 18/03/1998
PINQ.SUBS.011.0023 Submission No 47A  Barnie O'Sullivan 15/03/1998
PINQ.SUBS.011.0027 Submission No 110  Doug Bellchambers 18/03/1998
PINQ.SUBS.011.0029 Submission No 111  Angus L Aitchson 17/03/1998
PINQ.SUBS.011.0030 Submission No 112  G D Hayward  
PINQ.SUBS.011.0031 Submission No 113  K Baker 23/03/1998
PINQ.SUBS.011.0034 Submission No 114 Defence Signals Directorate 24/03/1998
PINQ.SUBS.011.0039 Submission No 115  John Mildwater 24/03/1998
PINQ.SUBS.011.0040 Submission No 116     
PINQ.SUBS.011.0041 Submission No 8G R J Hardstaff 23/03/1998
PINQ.SUBS.011.0042 Submission No 117  Edward C Reynolds 23/03/1998
PINQ.SUBS.011.0045 Submission No 118  J J Ravenscroft 24/03/1998
PINQ.SUBS.011.0047 Submission No 15C  C A V Bourne 27/03/1998
PINQ.SUBS.011.0051 Submission No 119  Frank Hanson 30/03/1998
PINQ.SUBS.011.0056 Submission No 120  Kevin Slade 30/03/1998
PINQ.SUBS.011.0057 Submission No 121  Shire of Christmas Island 30/03/1998
PINQ.SUBS.011.0059 Submission No 122  Wal McUtchen 31/03/1998
PINQ.SUBS.011.0063 Submission No 47B  Barnie O'Sullivan 27/03/1998
PINQ.SUBS.011.0065 Submission No 123  E V Stevens 3/4/1998
PINQ.SUBS.011.0071 Submission No 124  Cyril Robert Chambers 3/4/1998
PINQ.SUBS.011.0072 Submission No 125  T L Quartermaine  
PINQ.SUBS.011.0073 Submission No 36c  Barbara Poniewierski  
PINQ.SUBS.011.0079 Submission No 126  Lawrence R White 3/4/1998
PINQ.SUBS.011.0080 Submission No 127  Coomooroo Explorations Coy Pty Ltd 3/4/1998
PINQ.SUBS.011.0082 Submission No 128  V Richards 6/4/1998
PINQ.SUBS.011.0083 Submission No 129  Bruce William Duckham  
PINQ.SUBS.011.0085 Submission No 130  Rick V Finney 6/4/1998
PINQ.SUBS.011.0088 Submission No 16A  John A Montagu 30/03/1998
PINQ.SUBS.011.0093 Submission No 8H R J Hardstaff 7/4/1998
PINQ.SUBS.011.0096 Submission No 47C  Barnie O'Sullivan 7/4/1998
PINQ.SUBS.011.0097 Submission No 131  Andrew D M Clark  
PINQ.SUBS.011.0098 Submission No 132  Paul R Weaver 6/4/1998
PINQ.SUBS.011.0101 Submission No 96E  Bernard Eneberg JP 14/04/1998
PINQ.SUBS.011.0104 Submission No 36D  Barbara Poniewierski 14/04/1998
PINQ.SUBS.011.0109 Submission No 133  Bernard J Arnold 14/04/1998
PINQ.SUBS.011.0110_R Submission No 134  National Institute of Defence Studies, Japan Defence Agency 2/4/1998
PINQ.SUBS.011.0114 Submission No 8I R J Hardstaff 14/04/1998
PINQ.SUBS.011.0115 Submission No 51A  E V Ryding 16/04/1998
PINQ.SUBS.011.0118 Submission No 135  John Dunn                              Kim Kirsner 16/04/1998