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HMAS Sydney II Commission of Inquiry

The following documents have been produced in Portable Document Format (PDF). PDF documents require Acrobat Reader for viewing. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you can download it from the Adobe web site.
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Parliamentary Submissions : Volume 10 - March 1998
Document ID Title Submittee Document Date
PINQ.SUBS.010.0001 Submissions- Inquiry into the Circumstances of the Sinking of HMAS SYDNEY - Volume 10   March 1998
PINQ.SUBS.010.0003 Index    
PINQ.SUBS.010.0004 Submission No 104  T J McArthur 23/02/1998
PINQ.SUBS.010.0025 Submission No 84B  Heazlewoods Solicitors 23/02/1998
PINQ.SUBS.010.0026 Submission No 27A  G R Hielscher 19/02/1998
PINQ.SUBS.010.0028 Submission No 105  Alex H Gould~J Schwarzl 24/02/1998
PINQ.SUBS.010.0029 Submission No 36B  Barbara Poniewierski 25/02/1998
PINQ.SUBS.010.0035 Submission No 96C  Bernard Eneberg 20/02/1998
PINQ.SUBS.010.0040 Submission No 66C  David Kennedy 25/02/1998
PINQ.SUBS.010.0042 Submission No 66D  David Kennedy 26/02/1998
PINQ.SUBS.010.0043 Submission No 26A  Glenys McDonald 26/02/1998
PINQ.SUBS.010.0049 Submission No 34A  Wesley John Olson 2/3/1998
PINQ.SUBS.010.0052 Submission No 106  Mary E Scoch 21/01/1998
PINQ.SUBS.010.0053 Submission No 42B  James Eagles 2/3/1998
PINQ.SUBS.010.0119 Submission No 8B R J Hardstaff 2/3/1998
PINQ.SUBS.010.0122 Submission No 97A  Alaistair R Templeton 2/3/1998
PINQ.SUBS.010.0124 Submission No 94A  Department of Defence 3/3/1998
PINQ.SUBS.010.0125 Submission No 8C R J Hardstaff 4/3/1998
PINQ.SUBS.010.0130 Submission No 107  Joan Dent 6/3/1998
PINQ.SUBS.010.0131 Submission No 1A Brian Sheedy 5/3/1998
PINQ.SUBS.010.0136 Submission No 8D R J Hardstaff 9/3/1998
PINQ.SUBS.010.0137 Submission No 8E R J Hardstaff 9/3/1998