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HMAS Sydney II Commission of Inquiry

The following documents have been produced in Portable Document Format (PDF). PDF documents require Acrobat Reader for viewing. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you can download it from the Adobe web site.
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Parliamentary Submissions : Volume 6 - February 1998
Document ID Title Document Type Document Date
PINQ.SUBS.006.0001 Submissions - Inquiry into the Circumstances of the Sinking of HMAS SYDNEY - Volume 6   February 1998
PINQ.SUBS.006.0003 Index    
PINQ.SUBS.006.0004 Submission No 74 Maria J Hehir 17/12/1997
PINQ.SUBS.006.0008 Submission No 75 Gascoyne Historical Society  
PINQ.SUBS.006.0081 Submission No 76 Andrew Lang 19/12/1997
PINQ.SUBS.006.0082 Submission No 77 John C Snell 20/01/1998
PINQ.SUBS.006.0085 Submission No 78 D J McDonald 20/01/1998
PINQ.SUBS.006.0087 Submission No 79 G S Schulze 20/01/1998
PINQ.SUBS.006.0088 Submission No 42A  James Eagles 20/01/1998
PINQ.SUBS.006.0091 Submission No 80 David E Jones 20/01/1998
PINQ.SUBS.006.0093 Submission No 5A L Bray 20/01/1998
PINQ.SUBS.006.0096 Submission No 66A  David Kennedy 20/01/1998
PINQ.SUBS.006.0097 Submission No 81 William Phillip Aylott 20/01/1998
PINQ.SUBS.006.0100 Submission No 10A  A J Brayshaw 20/01/1998
PINQ.SUBS.006.0102 Submission No 2B Fred Weyerman 20/01/1998
PINQ.SUBS.006.0103 Submission No 82 Brian Mackenzie 20/01/1998
PINQ.SUBS.006.0106 Submission No 83 R A Nitschke 20/01/1998
PINQ.SUBS.006.0110 Submission No 84 Heazlewoods Solicitors 20/01/1998
PINQ.SUBS.006.0113 Submission No 36A  Barbara Poniewierski 20/01/1998
PINQ.SUBS.006.0137 Submission No 12A  L H Drake 20/01/1998
PINQ.SUBS.006.0138 Submission No 85 Barbara J Craill 20/01/1998