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2012 Defence Organisation Blood Challenge

Grabbing a Red LifelineSQNLDR Andrew Greaves was diagnosed in 2007 with a blood cancer and has needed blood and blood products on numerous occasions over the last five years. Without these he would not have been able to undergo life-saving treatment or survive the treatment itself. He is now in long-term remission.

If anyone knows the life-saving importance of donating blood, it is SQNLDR Andrew Greaves.

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The 2012 Defence Blood Challenge is being held from 1 September to 30 November 2012, to help the Red Cross Blood Service save lives by meeting ongoing blood supply needs.

As part of the Defence Organisation Blood Challenge, personnel from Navy, Army and Air Force, and members of the Defence Australian Public Service will compete to see who can make the greatest number of blood donations.

The challenge is now in its fourth year and is Australia’s largest blood donation event.

During the first three years of the challenge, the Defence Organisation produced more than 5,000 donations and potentially saved more than 6,000 lives.

Army took out the title in 2011, with 767 donations, while Air Force came second with 577. Navy were third with 424 and the APS contributed 388 donations.

Leading the challenge in 2012 are the Defence Organisation Blood Challenge Ambassadors:

Members of the Defence organisation can participate in the 2012 Defence Organisation Blood Challenge by making an appointment to donate blood at any of the Blood Service donor centres or donor mobiles nationally. For blood donations to count toward the challenge, participants must register on the blood service website and pledge their donation to either of the Services or APS and if applicable a unit/base/ship,

More information about how and where to donate blood is available on the Australian Red Cross Blood Service website.