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Presentation of Commendations commenced on 20 April 2010 and will continue in places where recipients are now serving throughout Australia and overseas until late May. Photos and personal stories of the 51 ADF members who were embarked in HMA Ships Albany and Childers with the crews Assail Two and Ardent Four at the time of the SIEV 36 incident will continue being added to this site as the presentations occur.

Honour Roll – all persons awarded ADF Gold (Chief of Joint Operations) Group Commendations unless otherwise specified. Click on their names to read their individual stories and view photos.

The crew of Assail Two embarked in HMAS Albany

CPOMT Robert Bean
LSCIS Nadine Block
LSBM Christel Buckman
ABCK Sean Creamer
ABMT Thomas Gallant
LAC Adam Haynes
LSBM Paul Hetherington
LCDR Barry Learoyd (Chief of Defence Force Commendation)
LEUT Nancy Legrand
ABBM Jason List
ABBM Michael Lordan
ABCK Darren Loveday
LAC Zachary Martin
LSCK Maria Mathews
PONPC Cheryl McCabe (ADF Silver Deputy Chief of Joint Operations Commendation)
CPOB Shane McCallum
LACW Louise McDonald
ABBM Mathew Pierce
LSMT Daniel Ryan
ABBM Christopher Saville
POMT Duncan Thomas
LSET Jayson Tufrey
LACW Kathrine Weeks

The crew of Ardent Four embarked in HMAS Childers

LSCK Mark Amphlett
LSCIS Katrina Aslette
CPOMT Gary Bartley
CPL (Army) Bradley Bendeich
ABCK Quinton Boorman
ABET Andrew Palmer (Borg)
ABBM Kirsty-Lee Brown
PONPC Rachelle Burnett (ADF Gold Chief of Joint Operations Commendation)
FLTLT Joleen Darby
POMT Thomas Dawe
CPOB Dean Faunt
CPL (RAAF) Sharon Jager (Chief of Defence Force Commendation)
ABBM Christopher Jones
POB Rachele Karmiste (ADF Bronze Deputy Chief of Joint Operations Commendation)
LSBM Matthew Keogh
SMNET Thomas Lovell
SMBCIS Jacob Masterman
POCIS Anthony McMahon
ABBM Adrian Medbury
LAC Thomas Norton
LACW Amanda Olzard
ABMT Matthew Owen
LEUT Alfonso Santos
POB Adrian Shorrocks
SMNBM Luke Thompson
LSMT Darren Tobler
LCDR Brett Westcott (Chief of Defence Force Commendation)
ABMT Tara-Ann Wilson