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Sexual Misconduct, Prevention & Response Office

How to get help: Call 1800 SeMPRO (1800 736 776) 24/7 | Immediate danger? Call 000 (AUS) | Exit Site

Females Affected by Sexual Misconduct

24/7 Help

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1800 736 776
outside AUS 612 6127 1759

SMS Text - 0429 600 800
outside AUS 61 429 600 800

Being raped or sexually assaulted is not your fault.

Defence has a zero tolerance to sexual misconduct/assault which means that Defence supports victims to report offences and holds offenders to account.

SeMPRO provides a confidential support and advice service. Our services are victim-focused, which means those who report incidents of sexual misconduct (irrespective of gender) are given appropriate, sensitive, and ongoing support to assist with their immediate safety,wellbeing and recovery.

How can SeMPRO help?

If you have been affected by an incident of sexual misconduct, including sexual assault, SeMPRO can offer practical help with:

  1. Your immediate safety - this includes your physical and mental safety.
  2. Providing you with immediate support - local SeMPRO Support Officers will be located in most Defence establishments. They can take you for a medical assessment; stay with you while you speak with ADFIS/civilian police, if that's what you choose to do; support you to speak with your commanding officer (CO) or manager; or stay with you until your own support person, whether that is a friend or family member, arrives.
  3. Providing you with ongoing support - a SeMPRO Support Coordinator will work with you to ensure you have access to counsellors, assist you and your CO or manager with your continued safety, and set up appropriate longer-term support arrangements to aid your recovery from the assault.

What are my options?

Different disclosure options are available to ADF members as those for APS employees.

ADF members

When disclosing your experience to SeMPRO, you will have two options:

  • A Restricted (confidential) Disclosure will allow you to access a range of support services to aid your recovery, without your CO/manager or ADFIS/civilian police becoming involved. There are circumstances in which SeMPRO can not accept a Restricted Disclosure, and these are explained fully in the Reporting section on this website.
  • You can make an Unrestricted Report which allows you to access the support services available and may trigger an investigation by either ADFIS or the civilian police.

APS employees

As an APS employee, you are able to access the full suite of support services available to public servants in all Australian Government Departments and Agencies. Accordingly, SeMPRO is not able to accept Restricted Disclosures from APS employees. You can, however, make an Unrestricted Report which allows you to access the support services available and may trigger an investigation.

A Defence member or Defence employee is not prevented from reporting the assault to their State/Territory police or ringing 000 in an emergency.