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Sexual Misconduct Prevention & Response Office (SeMPRO)

How to get help: Call 1800 SeMPRO (1800 736 776) 24/7 | Immediate danger? Call 000 (AUS) | Exit Site

Unrestricted Report

24/7 Help

clickClick - SeMPRO

call Call - 1800 SeMPRO
1800 736 776
outside AUS 612 6127 1759

SMS Text - 0429 600 800
outside AUS 61 429 600 800

Any member of Defence who has been affected by a sexual offence can, at any time, contact their local State/Territory police or ring 000 in an emergency.

What is an Unrestricted Report?

An Unrestricted Report means that your chain of command or ADFIS are aware that you have reported experiencing sexual misconduct.

SeMPRO support coordinators provide a confidential service to victims of sexual misconduct regardless of who else knows. SeMPRO support coordinators will only talk with other people with your consent.

How do I report?

SeMPRO support coordinators can talk with you about your reporting options.

ADF members

An ADF member who wishes to report sexual misconduct can go directly to their chain of command or can contact ADFIS Headquarters. You can contact ADFIS 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from within Australia on 1300 233 471 (1300ADFIS1).

APS employees

SeMPRO support coordinators assist APS employees who wish to report sexual misconduct to identify appropriate reporting options.