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Sexual Misconduct Prevention & Response Office (SeMPRO)

How to get help: Call 1800 SeMPRO (1800 736 776) 24/7 | Immediate danger? Call 000 (AUS) | Exit Site

If you have suffered because of a sexual offence, disclosing what happened allows you to receive appropriate support. SeMPRO not only coordinates trauma-informed care but provides a safe place for you to talk confidentially to experienced professionals.


24/7 Help

clickClick - SeMPRO

call Call - 1800 SeMPRO
1800 736 776
outside AUS 612 6127 1759

SMS Text - 0429 600 800
outside AUS 61 429 600 800

Any member of Defence who has been affected by a sexual offence can, at any time, contact their local State/Territory police or ring 000 in an emergency.

What is a Restricted Disclosure?

There will be two ways you can notify a sexual offence to SeMPRO:

For more details on Defence's policy, please contact SeMPRO.

If you are a member of the ADF and have been affected by sexual misconduct, you are encouraged to contact SeMPRO. Defence APS employees and external service providers are also able to access SeMPRO's services, should they wish to. Defence will ensure personnel on deployment, serving offshore or in remote areas have access to SeMPRO's services although, in some situations, it may not be possible for these personnel to make a Restricted Disclosure.

Changing a Restricted Disclosure to an Unrestricted Report does not mean that everyone should or will know about you or what happened to you. SeMPRO will work with you to ensure your details are disclosed only to those who need to know.