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Defence PKI

Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Defence relies on remote or distributed electronic transactions and information exchanges to achieve its business and operational outcomes. High levels of confidence and trust is required in the integrity of these transactions and exchanges, and this is achieved by assurance of the identity of the entities involved.

Identity assurance using public key technology provides a trusted, reliable, timely and authoritative confirmation of the electronic identity of people and network-aware resources operating across the Defence Information Environment (DIE).

Through the use of the Defence Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), the Department can leverage digital certificates to achieve operational, security and business outcomes, with assurance of the:

Defence PKI is accredited by Gatekeeper as being a High Assurance Certification Authority. Through Gatekeeper, the Commonwealth provides the PKI framework to facilitate secure Government online service delivery and e-procurement.

Use of digital certificates enables business process transformation, provides a foundation capability to Defence to achieve its identity management vision, and is fundamental to the achievement of the Australian Defence Force's (ADF) Network Centric Warfare and allied interoperability objectives.

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