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Information for Families

On this page, we provide useful links for families of Defence personnel

ADF Family Health
The Government is committed to recognising the service and sacrifices of ADF personnel and the important and valuable role their families play in the achievement of the Defence mission.

Defence Community Organisation
Defence is dedicated to recognising the very important and valuable role of ADF members and their families in the achievement of the Defence mission. While carrying out their daily tasks, whether here in Australia or deployed overseas on operations, our personnel need to be assured that their families are well cared for and have the support they need.

National Welfare Coordination Centre
The National Welfare Coordination centre was established to provide a 24-hour point of contact and information service for families of personnel deployed or in support of operations and designated exercises.
Phone: 1800 801 026

Defence Personnel Portal
Provides access to personnel related information from across Defence, regardless of organisational structure.

Pay and Conditions website

Defence Families Australia
Defence Families of Australia (DFA) is a group formed to represent the views of Defence families. Its aim is to improve the quality of life for Defence families by providing a recognised forum for their views and by reporting, making recommendations and influencing policy that directly affects families.

Defence Family Matters
Defence Family Matters (DFM) news magazine sent to all permanent ADF personnel or those on Continuous Fulltime Service who have one or more dependants. It is sent out three times a year and it is also available as a free subscription to interested parties. DFM provides ADF families with a reliable information source relating to matters that directly affect them such as information on pay and allowance changes, support mechanisms for families and partners, housing, and advice and tips on dealing with posting issues. It also provides community support information from not for profit community focussed groups.

Defence Special Needs Support Group
The Defence Special Needs Support Group is the only Australian charity dedicated to providing support, information and assistance to Australian Defence Force families who have someone with special needs.

Defence Housing Australia
Defence Housing Australia (DHA) was established in 1987 to provide housing for members of the Australian Defence Force and their families.

Defence Support Group
Defence Support Group (DSG) is a consolidated service delivery organisation for Defence. DSG provides a large range of products and services across Australia to support Defence capability in areas such as legal, health, garrison and personnel matters through to facilities and assets management. The range of products and services enables DSG to work towards its mission and support over 90,000 Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel, APS employees and contracted service providers.

Transition Support Services
Assisting ADF members and their families with moving forward.

The Transition Support Services website has been developed to assist ADF members and their families during the separation process.

Veterans’ Affairs
The Department of Veterans’ Affairs