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Division 2: Basic recreation leave

5.4.7 Purpose

This Division sets out basic recreation leave entitlements and conditions.

5.4.8 Basic recreation leave credit

  1. A member may accrue a credit of up to 20 days basic recreation leave a year.

  2. Leave credit accrues fortnightly throughout the year. It is credited on each payday based on the part of the annual maximum rate that has been accrued.

  3. A member may only accrue recreation leave credit for any day they are on effective service. The member is entitled to recreation leave credit for the part of the fortnight for which they performed effective service. This is worked out on a pro rata basis.

    Example: A member takes unpaid leave for ten days. The member's credit for the fortnight is calculated as follows.

    Example of credit calculation
    Step Action


    Start with the 14 days in the fortnight. Then take away the number of days of unpaid leave the member has taken in that fortnight. This will give the number of days of effective service in the fortnight.

    14 – 10 = 4 days effective service


    Take the answer from step 1 and multiply by the recreation leave rate of accrual per day (which is 0.054795). This gives the member's accrued recreation leave credit for the fortnight.

    4 x 0.054795 = 0.21918 accrued recreation leave credit

  4. A period of part-time leave without pay reduces a member's entitlement to basic recreation leave credit on a pro rata basis.

    Note: This does not apply to additional recreation leave credit.

    Example: A member is granted four days part-time leave without pay each fortnight. This means the member serves six days in a fortnight (excluding weekends). They accrue leave of 12 days a year, instead of 20. Additional recreation leave is not affected.

    Part 4, Recreation leave
    Part 4 Division 3, Additional recreation leave
    Part 10 Division 2 section 5.10.16, Working out pro rata variations

Application to Reservists: Yes, on continuous full-time service.

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