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Part 8: Club membership

15.8.1 Purpose

The purpose of this Part is to help members on long-term postings pursue sporting, recreational and fitness activities. This is only at posting locations that have an approved club.

See: Section 15.8.5, List of approved clubs

Note: A club is only approved for a posting location when other suitable facilities are not available at sessional rates. If suitable sport and recreational facilities are available at the posting location, the member is compensated for the costs (above the Australian average) through the overseas living allowances.

15.8.2 Member this Part applies to

This Part applies to a member and their dependants at a posting location that has an approved club.

See: Section 15.8.5, List of approved clubs

15.8.3 Benefits

  1. If the posting location has an approved club, the member is eligible to be reimbursed the cost of membership of that club or a similar club at their posting location.

  2. The member must not be reimbursed more than the cost of joining the approved club.

  3. The cost of club membership incurred by the member includes any cost incurred by, or on behalf of, a dependant of the member.

15.8.4 CDF discretion for additional membership costs

  1. The CDF may decide to pay additional club membership costs considered reasonable in the circumstances. The CDF must consider all these criteria.

    1. The general living and working conditions at the posting location.

    2. The recreational or social facilities available at the posting location, the arrangements for access to them and their cost.

    3. The needs of members and dependants at the posting location for access to such facilities.

    4. The nature of the member's duties at the posting location, including any representational duties.

    5. The cost of club membership at the posting location, including family membership.

    6. The nature of the facilities at the approved club and at the club that the member joins.

    7. Any other factor relevant to club membership at the location.

  2. A member may incur the cost of club membership for a dependant for the period of a reunion visit to the posting location. In this situation, the CDF may decide to reimburse an amount considered reasonable in the circumstances.

    See: Part 3 Division 3, Overseas reunion travel

  3. At the member's request, Defence may pay the amount direct to the club, instead of reimbursing the member.

    Note: The member must have paid any excess club membership costs to the Commonwealth.

Persons who can make the decisions under subsection and subsection on behalf of the Secretary/CDF:
Senior ADF Representative at the overseas post
A person who is authorised to manage Defence personnel administration at the overseas post and is not below WO2(E)/APS 5.
A person working in the Pay an Administration Centre – Victoria who is authorised to manage Defence pay administration at overseas posts and is not below WO2(E)/APS 5.
Director Overseas Business Management
Director Attaché and Overseas Management

15.8.5 List of approved clubs

This table sets out the approved clubs for the posting locations where this Part applies.

Approved clubs
Posting location Approved club
Brunei Royal Brunei Yacht Club
Cambodia Phokeethra Sports Club, Phnom Penh
Cook Islands Fitness Cook Islands, Rarotonga
Ethiopia Hilton Hotel Health Club, Addis Ababa
Fiji Fiji Club, Suva
India Hyatt Hotel Health Club, New Delhi
Indonesia Elite Club Epicentrum, Jakarta
Israel Moadon Club, Tel Aviv
Italy Roman Sports Centre, Rome
Jordan Fitness First Club
Kiribati Betio Fishing Club, Tarawa
Korea Seoul Club
Kuwait Al Corniche Fitness Club
Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur Kelab Darul Ehsan
Note: Basic membership only. The cost of golf membership must not be reimbursed to the member.
Malaysia – elsewhere Penang Sports Club
Marshall Islands Outrigger Marshall Islands Resort Cowry Club
Myanmar Pun Hlaing Golf Club
Pakistan Islamabad Club
Palau Palau Pacific Resort Recreational Club
Papua New Guinea Port Moresby Golf Club
Philippines Shangri-La Fitness Club, Manila
Samoa Fitness Firm Samoa
Saudi Arabia Dirab Golf and Recreation Club
Solomon Islands Honiara Golf Club
Sri Lanka Colombo Swimming Club
Thailand British Club, Bangkok
Tonga Tonga-Fit Gymnasium
Turkey Ankara Sehir Kulubu, Ankara (known as ASK Sports Club)
United Arab Emirates Hiltonia Health Club and Spa
USA – Manhattan New York Health and Racquet Club
Note: Only for members who are directed to live on Manhattan Island.
Vanuatu Warwick Le Legon Resort and Spa
Vietnam The Hanoi Club, Hanoi

15.8.6 Changes to the list of approved clubs

A club may only be approved for a posting location if the Director Military Conditions and Housing Policy is satisfied on all these criteria.

  1. The location does not have acceptable sporting and recreational facilities on a sessional basis or as public facilities.

  2. Members and their families suffer serious difficulty in gaining access to public or sessional sporting and recreational facilities because of these issues.

    1. Cultural limitations.

    2. Climatic conditions.

    3. Overcrowding.

    4. Traffic congestion.

    5. Hygiene.

    6. Pollution.

  3. It is common practice for members and dependants to make use of sporting or recreational clubs, because public or sessional sporting or recreational facilities are not available.

  4. The proposed club offers a reasonable selection of suitable facilities at reasonable cost.

  5. The club is not being proposed for purely social or representational purposes.

Application to Reservists: Yes, on continuous full-time service.

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