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Division 1: Overview

15.6.4 Definitions

This table explains the definition of terms used in this Part.

Term Definition
Benchmark school A school that provides a standard of education that is as close as possible to the Australian standard at a reasonable cost. The school sets a 'benchmark' for the amount of education assistance to be reimbursed to the member or paid to a school, when a child attends school at the posting location.

See: Division 2 section 15.6.9 and Annex 15.6.A
Compulsory tuition fees a. 'Compulsory tuition fees' means the total sum of the following compulsory annual fees.
  1. Tuition fees.
  2. Other fees and charges relating to tuition.
  3. Sports fees.
  4. Travel by a child in a specially designated school bus.
  5. Any Government taxes levied on the fees described in paragraph a.
b. Compulsory tuition fees do not include the following fees.
  1. Boarding fees.
  2. The cost of school uniforms.
  3. Any other fees not provided for under paragraph a.

15.6.5 Reimbursement

  1. A member who is eligible for reimbursement under this Part may be reimbursed in instalments.

  2. Where annual benefit amounts appear, pro-rata amounts are payable if a period of the benefit is less than a school year. This formula is applied to work out the pro-rata amount.

    Annual amount x (Number of weeks the child attended school ÷ Number of weeks in the school year)

  3. If a member is refunded any amounts from providers outlined in this Part, the benefit must be reduced accordingly.

    Example: Levies were refunded by the school for a cancelled sporting event. The member is not to keep the refunded amount and must repay it to the Commonwealth.

15.6.6 Up-front payment

  1. A member who is eligible for assistance under this Part may have the compulsory tuition fees paid in an up-front payment to the dependant child's school.

  2. Either of the following amounts may be paid in an up-front payment.

    1. If the dependant child attends school at the overseas location – the compulsory tuition fees up to the maximum specified under subsection

      See: Division 2 section 15.6.10, Benefit – general

    2. If the dependant child remains in school in Australia – the compulsory tuition fees and the accommodation costs up to the maximum specified under subsection

      See: Division 5 section 15.6.25, Rates of assistance

    3. An amount for the initial enrolment of the child under subsection

      See: Division 5 section 15.6.25, Rates of assistance

  3. If the amount for compulsory tuition fees or accommodation costs is above the maximum amount paid as an up-front payment under subsection 2, the amount above the maximum must be paid by the member.

    Note: Any amount paid by the member under this subsection cannot be reimbursed to the member under section 15.6.5.

Application to Reservists: Yes, on continuous full-time service.

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