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Division 4: Miscellaneous costs of short-term duty overseas

13.2.14 Insuring personal effects

  1. The Commonwealth may provide or arrange insurance against loss or damage to members' personal effects carried on overseas visits.

  2. If the Commonwealth does not do this, members are eligible for the reimbursement of one of the following, whichever is less.

    1. The premium paid to insure personal effects.

    2. The cost of a premium that would insure personal effects for AUD 3,000.

13.2.15 Benefit – funeral costs

  1. If a member or dependant dies overseas, their legal personal representative is eligible for one of these amounts.

    1. The cost of returning the body to Australia, if the next of kin request it.

    2. Any excess costs for the funeral at the overseas location.

  2. For paragraph 1.b, these conditions apply.

    1. The amount paid is the difference between the additional costs of a funeral at the overseas location and a comparable Australian funeral.

    2. Example: If a member would have paid AUD 5,000 for an Australian funeral and the overseas funeral cost AUD 8,000, the Commonwealth will reimburse AUD 3,000.

    3. The amount cannot be more than the cost payable under paragraph 1.a.

    4. The amount reimbursed must be reduced by any amount that the Commonwealth pays directly for the funeral.

    5. Example: The Commonwealth pays for the funeral at the overseas location. There is no benefit under this section.

    6. The amount in paragraph 1.a covers the cost of returning the member's or dependant's remains to Australia. No additional amount is paid.

    Related information: Chapter 11 Part 4, Funeral costs, floral and non-floral tributes


13.2.16 Medical and dental costs – APS only

  1. The Commonwealth may pay the cost of any necessary medical or hospital treatment, if an employee falls ill or is injured while overseas.

  2. An employee is eligible for the reimbursement of the additional costs of emergency dental treatment above the cost of the same or similar treatment in Australia.

  3. The employee is taken to be on duty while they are ill or injured.

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