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Captain Linda Rae from the Australian Army 2 Health Support Battalion enjoys meeting children in the earthquake-damaged town of Lahewa, on Nias island.

HMAS Kanimbla returns to Sydney from humanitarian operations in Banda Ache and Nias. Mrs Tricia Graham welcomes home her daughter, Major Sue Graham.

Sea King crash site
02 April 2005
Indonesia, earthquake zone
29 March 2005
Nias Island
Op Sumatra Assist Phase I
Area of Operations
Following both the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami and the March earthquake, the Department of Defence proved to be an important part of the Australian Government's national humanitarian relief effort to Indonesia.

Defence's support for the tsunami relief effort was known as OPERATION SUMATRA ASSIST.

Defence's support for the earthquake relief effort was known as OPERATION SUMATRA ASSIST PHASE TWO.

Sadly, nine ADF members lost their lives in a tragic helicopter accident on the 2nd of April 2005 during Operation Sumatra assist Phase Two.

ADF Achievements during these deployments included:

Operation Sumatra Assist : Australian Defence Force helping tsunami victims in Indonesia
  • 1200 tonnes of humanitarian aid distributed by air;
  • 70 aero-medical evacuations;
  • 2530 people transported by air;
  • 3700 medical treatments (AFH);
  • 4.7 million litres of clean water produced;
  • 9000 cubic metres of debris cleared;
  • 1000m of road cleared;
  • 1700 large drains cleared;
  • 6 large fishing boats salvaged.

Operation Sumatra Assist - Phase II: Australian Defence Force helping earthquake victims in Indonesia

  • 133T Rice delivered
  • 5000LT water provided
  • 570 patients treated ashore by medical staff
  • 13 Surgical and further treatments conducted on board HMAS KANIMBLA
  • 7 Sea King aero-medical evacuations
  • Lahewa town water pump and generator repaired
  • over 138 tonnes of stores moved by C130 Hercules; and
  • hundreds of smiling faces - Operation KINDERGARTEN COPS entertained hundreds of children in Lahewa teaching them to play cricket and Aussie Rules Football

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Information current at June, 2005


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