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Q. Why does the exercise use the spelling Talisman Saber?
A. Because TS09 is a US led exercise, we have adopted the American spelling of ‘saber’. As TS11 will be an Australian led exercise, we will use the spelling Talisman Sabre.

Q. Does the name of the exercise have any significance?
A. As this is a joint exercise, the Australians provided the word ‘talisman’ and the US provided the word ‘saber’. There is no symbolic meaning in the name.

Q. How will the risk to public safety be managed?
A. Strict management and controls restrict public access to the training areas throughout TS09. Defence will continue to work with local communities to ensure access around the training areas are clearly marked and easily identified.

Temporary restricted areas will be established for both marine and airspace, which prohibits public access for the duration of the exercise to ensure public safety.

Q. Will depleted uranium munitions be used throughout the exercise
A. No. Depleted uranium munitions are not in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) inventory and are not permitted to be used for use by foreign or domestic forces within Australia. Depleted uranium munitions will not be used during TS09.

Q. Will there be any experimental technologies or weapons used throughout the exercise?
A. The purpose of the exercise is to test interoperability between the ADF and US Forces and to redefine defence procedures, not to test weapons. New technologies, for example in communications, surveillance, management and reporting systems may be trialled. Experimental weapons in the form of biological, chemical, radiological or nuclear will not be used throughout TS09. Some non-lethal weapons, such as those used in electronic warfare to destruct enemy communication may be used.

Q. Will nuclear vessels be used throughout the exercise?
A. Yes. Nuclear submarines and a nuclear aircraft carrier will be deployed during TS09 and will operate within specific designated areas of operation. Members of US Navy operating nuclear power plants have a high record of safety and professionalism. However, no nuclear, chemical, biological or radiological weapons will be used during TS09.

Q. What environmental measures are put in place to ensure the protection of local areas?
A. For all aspects of the exercise, extensive consultation takes place between the ADF, US Forces and Australian government environmental agencies to identify and minimise potential environmental impacts through the development of Talisman Saber 2009 Environmental Management Plan.

At the close of the exercise, redeployment is managed on a policy of ‘no footprint’, with all exercise materials, equipment and debris removes and all disturbances (e.g. tracks, ditches) rehabilitated.

Dedicated Defence personnel will ensure the enforcement and implementation of environmental procedures, oversee response to incident management, and organise for pre and post checks on environmental conditions.

Defence is proud of its environment management record throughout past exercise and the day-to-day management of its training sites. Defence routinely monitors its environmental performance during exercises and day-to-day activities through the collection of key environmental data.