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Fact Sheets

  • ADF Force Elements in Kabul
    The ADF continues to support the development of the ANSF through the provision of advisory support, including provision of 25 staff at the Afghan National Army (ANA) Officer Academy in Kabul with our British and New Zealand colleagues.
  • The Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT)
    Uruzgan commenced operations under US military lead in 2004. The PRT has now concluded its operations in Uruzgan as Australia's aid efforts shift to building national institutions. Read further for more information.
  • Combat Casualties
    Since Operations in Afghanistan commenced in 2002, the Australian Defence Force has suffered 40 combat deaths and 260 wounded in action. Two Australian Government civilians have also been wounded. Read further for more information.
  • ADF Force elements in Kandahar
    Australian military embeds continue to support ISAF operations at Kandahar as well as Afghan National Security Forces. Read further for more information.
  • Other contributions to key institutions
    Australian Defence Force personnel continue to support the development of the Afghan National Security Forces in a number of national roles. Read further for more information.
  • Enhanced Force Protection
    Enhancing the protection of Australian Defence Force personnel in Afghanistan has been a major achievement for the organisation.
    The 2009 Force Protection Review made 48 recommendations to cover a variety of active and passive measures, ranging from personal protective equipment for soldiers to unmanned surveillance systems.
    The approved force protection measures cost a total of $1.1 billion. These measures have reduced the vulnerability of personnel, facilities and equipment so that deployed forces have been able to achieve their mission of training Afghan National Security Forces.
  • Eastern Shah Wali Kot Battle Honour
    On 26 March, 2013, the Minister for Defence, Stephen Smith announced the awarding of the first Army Battle Honour since the end of the Vietnam War.
    The Battle Honour is entitled the Eastern Shah Wali Kot and has been awarded to the SAS Regiment and 2nd Commando Regiment for the Australian Special Operations Task Group Rotation 12. Read further for more information.