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Past Operation: Operation CRANBERRY

PLEASE NOTE: The text and links contained on this page refer to a past operation. It is provided for archive purposes only. Current Operations are listed on the Global Operations webpage.

Op CRANBERRY is the ADF commitment to the Coastwatch coordinated civil maritime surveillance program in northern Australia. This is Australia's sea, air and land surveillance program that detects illegal activity such as smuggling and illegal fishing with assistance from predominantly RAN Fremantle and Armidale class patrol boats.

Routinely, Defence aims to provide 1800 days of RAN surface patrol and response per fiscal year, and RAAF maritime aerial surveillance support to this Coastwatch coordinated program. In addition, Regional Surveillance Force Unit patrol days are provided in support of the civil surveillance program.

Force elements contributing to Op CRANBERRY include Fremantle (and Armidale) Class Patrol Boats, AP-3C Orions, and the Regional Force Surveillance Unit. The Joint Task Force dedicated to Op CRANBERRY is commanded by Commodore C. Darby.

Since July 2005 the ADF has conducted 260 boardings, 145 apprehensions, 99 legislative forfeitures and 14 warnings.