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Operation CATALYST: Image Gallery

20 July 2006
Latest images from Operation CATALYST

The Al Muthanna Task Group (AMTG 3) has two tasks, to provide a secure environment for the Japanese Iraq Reconstruction and Support Group (JIRSG) and to assist in the training of local Iraqi Army units so they are able to take over the internal and external defence of their country.

Operation CATALYST is the Australian Defence Force's (ADF's) contribution to the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Iraq.

Operation CATALYST commenced on 16 July 2003 following on from Operation Falconer. Working with the Interim Iraqi Government, the ADF continues to contribute to Multinational Force efforts to develop a secure and stable environment in Iraq and assist national recovery programs.

Operation CATALYST currently comprises approximately 1400 Australian Defence Force personnel.

Operation CATALYST runs concurrently with Operation SLIPPER, Australia’s contribution to the War on Terror.