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Operation CATALYST: Image Gallery

04 July 2006
HMAS BALLARAT's boarding team

HMAS BALLARAT, deployed in the Persian Gulf, is the Royal Australian Navy’s current contribution to maritime security operations in the region. The ship, which is part of Task Force 158 (TF158) is serving in the northern waters of the gulf, where its duties include oil platform protection, maintaining Iraqi boarders, humanitarian assistance and denying illegal trade.

HMAS BALLARAT is the eighth ANZAC Class Frigate and the sixth for the Royal Australian Navy, two being bought by New Zealand. The ship which was commissioned on the 26th June 2004 is on its first deployment to the Middle East.

The Ship, named after the Victorian city which was the location of the Eureka Stockade, takes its ship motto, “Defend the Flag” from that famous fight for equality.

As part of TF158, HMAS BALLARAT will be under the command of Commodore Peter Lockwood and his team of 21 Australian Naval Officers and specialist sailors. This is the second time the coalition naval elements have been under the command of Australians.