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14 July 2009
The Operations Analysis Team visit East Timor

The Operations Analysis Team, part of the International Stabilisation Force (ISF) in East Timor have been assisting the facilitation of a longitudinal study for the past 18 months across East Timor. The study is to gather indicators and perceptions on social issues within the population.
Focus groups are arranged in local villages to allow community engagement on a number of topics.
Members of the Operations Analysis Team currently in East Timor have recently visited the Lautem region. They called on local community leaders and community members to discuss the study and to encourage participation through community engagement.
A visit to Los Palos and Com, both on the East Coast, provided the opportunity to engage with local members of the community as well as locate suitable venues for the future meetings.
Members of the ISF also travelled with the team and took the time to chat with the locals.