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Exercise TALISMAN SABRE 2011 is a biennial combined training activity, designed to train Australian and US forces in planning and conducting Combined Task Force operations in order to improve ADF/US combat readiness and interoperability.  This exercise is a major undertaking that reflects the closeness of our alliance and the strength of the ongoing military-military relationship.

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What is Exercise TALISMAN SABRE 2011?
Exercise TALISMAN SABRE 2011 is a US led Australian supported exercise to improve combat training, readiness and interoperability, across the spectrum of military operations from conventional conflict to peacekeeping and humanitarian assistance efforts.  The exercise forms part of the Australia Defence Forces’ (ADF) extensive training program to ensure the ADF is prepared to protect and support Australia and its national interests. The exercise also contributes to the ability of Australian and US military forces to work together efficiently and safely.  By working with the US military forces, the exercise strengthens proactive and responsive strategies and enhances measures to defend Australia and its national interests.

When will Exercise TALISMAN SABRE 2011 take place?
The exercise is due to take place 11 - 29 July. During this period the exercise participants will conduct preparatory training prior to commencing a more intensive periods of tactical training.  Military personnel and units will be deploying to exercise start positions prior to the exercise commencement on 11 July.  Military personnel will take some time to redeploy post completion of the exercise on 29 July.  Additionally, some US military forces are taking the opportunity to conduct some unilateral training on Australian ranges both pre and post TS11.

Where is Exercise TALISMAN SABRE 2011 being held?
Exercise TALISMAN SABRE 2011 is conducted at designated ADF training facilities throughout Queensland, Northern Territory and in adjacent maritime areas.  Key sites include the Shoalwater Bay Training Area (Central Queensland), Townsville Field Training Area, Delamere Range Facility (Northern Territory), Bradshaw Field Training Area (Northern Territory), Mount Bundey Training Area (Northern Territory), the air space over the northern part of the Northern Territory, port facilities in Queensland (Brisbane, Gladstone and Alma Ports); and adjacent waters in the Coral, Timor and Arafura Seas.