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14 July 2009
Pacific Partnership 2009 lends a hand in Samoa

A multinational and multi skilled PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP 2009 team has been hard at work in Samoa. With the sound of singing children in the background, the team has refurbished a local primary school in the village of Sasina. Sasina is on one of Samoa’s northern islands Savai’i. Lieutenant Michael Collaros is the Commander of the Australian Contingent for the first Phase of the mission in Samoa and Tonga.

Deep Caption: PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP is an annual US sponsored training and readiness mission, which works through, with and by a diverse range of Militaries, Governments and non-government organisations to develop the capacity to deliver aid and disaster relief in the Pacific region.

The Australian Defence Force contribution to the 2009 mission includes 24 Australian Army Engineers, one Royal Australian Air Force Dental Hygienist and two Royal Australian Air Force Cooks, two Royal Australian Navy Landing Craft Heavy, a Royal Australian Navy Medical Officer and a Royal Australian Navy Civic Military Cooperation Officer.

The Australian Defence Force contingent is dedicated to working with the US, local Samoans and other mission partners to deliver aid to their regional neighbors.