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28 May 2010
Troops in East Timor Donate to the Red Sheild Appeal

Members of the International Stabilisation Force have proudly donated their US dollars to the Salvation Army's Red Sheild Appeal. Navy, Army and Air Force personnel at Forward Operating Base Chauvel, Timor-Leste Aviation Group, Combat Support Section and Headquarters Camp Phoenix in Dili have passed the 'hemlet' gathering contibutions to the worthy cause.

The Australian-led ISF operates in East Timor at the invitation of the Government of East Timor and in support of the United Nations, to maintain stability and provide a secure environment for the ongoing development of the nation. Approximately 400 Australian Defence Force (ADF) and 75 New Zealand personnel serve in East Timor as part of the ISF. The Australian contribution to the ISF is known as Operation ASTUTE