Special Tactics people wanted

Volume 49, No. 13, July 26, 2007
Air Combat Group is looking for airmen and officers to support special operations.

The group is embarking on a new era of close cooperation with Headquarters Special Operations by implementing the Special Tactics Project. The project will comprise Air Force personnel who are capable of integrating into special operations activities to coordinate offensive air support to patrols, or as required by Headquarters Special Operations to other activities.

Recent operations have meant an increase in combined operations, with an emphasis on Special Operations Forces using offensive air support.

The Special Tactics Project will integrate Air Force combat air power specialists within special operations activities to improve the integration of air power.

Candidates will then be posted to the Special Tactics Project, based at RAAF Base Williamtown.

Aircrew from all FEGS are encouraged to apply, as well as those from an air traffic control or intelligence background – particularly officers from FLGOFF to junior FLTLT.

CPLs and above from any mustering are also encouraged to apply. A current expression of interest is on the People Central “Hot Jobs” site.

A career progression for CPLs through to WGCDRs has been mapped out. Under the plan, other ranks will be contained within the capability, while officers will post in and out of the capability to ensure a diversity of skill-sets, before returning for command positions within 4SQN. Out-of-unit postings for all ranks are likely to include liaison positions at SAW, SASR and SFTC, and possibly with coalition training establishments.

Once the Special Tactics Project is proven, Initial Operational Capability is planned for January 2009 when it will be fused with the FACDU to establish 4SQN. Full Operational Capability is planned for January 2011.

The first members began training this month.

For more information, contact the project office on (02) 4964 7065 or visit the ACG website at http://intranet.defence.gov.au/raafweb/SItes/HQACG/