Provision of new RAAF uniforms

July, 2001

SGT Brad Crockett, driver to the Chief of Air Force, AIRMSHL Angus Houston
Supply of the RAAF's new, made-to-fit 1A uniform has now begun in the Canberra region, with Australian Defence Apparel (ADA) staff taking measurements of those Air Force personnel purchasing or being issued with this garment.

Additionally, measurements will be taken of those members who cannot be provided with the 1A uniform on a made-to-fit basis, or trousers, slacks and skirts from normal stocks. As advised in last month's Air Force News, the ADA team will be moving on to all regions and major bases within Australia in the next few months to continue this task.

In relation to the 1A uniform, a number of points need to be made. The uniform consists of a tunic and trousers or slacks. If personnel cannot be kitted from the made-to-fit range, a made-to-measure (tailor-made) uniform will be issued or charged for at the standard made-to-fit price, if repayment is involved.

This principle also applies to the provision of trousers, slacks and skirts. Some members who can be fitted with stock items, may choose to purchase fully tailor-made garments, and in these cases, the higher special measurement prices apply.

The list below sets out the current prices for Air Force blue garments supplied by ADA. In relation to the new 1A uniform, it should be noted that the higher price, in comparison to the previous blue/grey equivalent, arises for two reasons.

Firstly, supply of the new garment involves a more complex fitting process than the old system of tailors altering off-the-hook uniforms to provide a near as possible fit.

Secondly, under the previous pricing policy for RAAF clothing, the cost at the time of purchase, of all currently held stocks of the same uniform item was taken into account. The final price was the average of the cost of these various batches of garments.

With the new uniform, no old stocks are held and the price reflects the current cost of supply to the RAAF. These prices are similar to those for comparable Army garments.

1A Uniform Price GST Total
Service Dress Uniform made-to-fit (male) $384.30 $38.43 $422.70
Service Dress Uniform made-to-fit (female) $384.30 $38.43 $422.70
Service Dress Uniform special measure (male) $727.70 $72.77 $800.45
Service Dress Uniform special measure (female) $727.70 $72.77 $800.45
Attachment of Rank Insignia/Braid per Garment
  Price GST Total
AC/ACW Nil Nil Nil
LAC/LACW $4.00 $0.40 $4.40
CPL $4.00 $0.40 $4.40
SGT $4.00 $0.40 $4.40
FSGT $4.00 $0.40 $4.40
WOFF $4.00 $0.40 $4.40
WOFFRAAF $4.00 $0.40 $4.40
PLTOFF $8.00 $0.80 $8.80
FLGOFF $8.00 $0.80 $8.80
FLTLT $16.00 $1.60 $17.60
SQNLDR $24.00 $2.40 $26.40
WGCDR $24.00 $2.40 $26.40
GPCAPT $32.00 $3.20 $35.20
AIRCDRE $8.00 $0.80 $8.80
AVM $16.00 $1.60 $17.60
AIRMSHL $24.00 $2.40 $26.40
Trousers/Slacks/Skirts, Heavyweight (Barathea)
Item Price GST Total
Trousers male - off the shelf $63.80 $6.38 $70.15
Trousers male - made-to-fit $180.60 $18.06 $198.65
Slacks female - off the shelf $63.80 $6.38 $70.15
Slacks female - made-to-fit $180.60 $18.06 $198.65
Skirt female - off the shelf $59.00 $5.90 $64.90
Skirt female - made-to-fit $174.36 $17.44 $191.80