SWO appointments
By POWTR Andy Maskell

Volume 50, No. 10, June 14, 2007
SELECTED: SWO Martin Holzberger.
Recently a selection panel which included the Deputy Fleet Commander, CDRE Ray Griggs, met to select the next Ship’s Warrant Officer (SWO) appointments for major fleet units.

The SWO is a leader and mentor who provides a line of communication between the ship’s company and the command, advising and assisting in matters relating to welfare, morale and discipline.

SWOs were introduced to major fleet units mid 2004 following the successful trials in HMA Ships Success and Anzac.

SWOs are part of the warrant officer tier two community that consists of 46 positions appointed by a one-star level board from across all categories based on their exemplary leadership and management skills. Tier two warrant officers are employed as SWOs, HR managers and in senior leadership training positions.

The Navy community congratulates the following warrant officers on their selection as SWOs within Fleet Command: Warrant Officer Rob Van Eldik, HMAS Stuart; Warrant Officer Martin Holzberger, HMAS Warramunga; Warrant Officer Tony Crocker, HMAS Toowoomba; Warrant Officer Brendan Woodsell HMAS Arunta;Warrant Officer ‘Darby’ Munro HMAS Kanimbla.