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Volume 50, No. 1, February 8, 2007
Fleet Command now launched

Name change should be noted

Effective from February 1, Maritime Command will be known as Fleet Command, in a change that recognises the evolving nature of ADF operations. The name change was announced by Chief of Navy VADM Russ Shalders, AO, CSC, RAN, at the Navy Symposium at HMAS Watson last year. Other name changes include the position of Maritime Commander Australia which has been retitled Fleet Commander Australian Fleet (COMAUSTFLT) and Maritime Headquarters which is now Fleet Headquarters. Fleet Commander RADM Davyd Thomas told Navy News that the name change will more accurately reflect Navy’s revised raise, train and sustain role under the new Joint Operations Command Headquarters.

Survey to be conducted

Update on Army Black Hawk

The Navy has helped to locate the Army Black Hawk helicopter that sank in deep water off Fiji late last year and intends to conduct a survey to determine the condition of the wreckage. The survey, which is expected to be completed in March, will determine the feasibility of recovery of the aircraft. Fleet Commander Australia RADM Davyd Thomas said the tasking would be a very complex and challenging maritime salvage undertaking. The United States Navy Supervisor of Salvage, SUPSALV, has been engaged to assist with the survey and potential recovery. A Defence Maritime Services vessel will also assist.

Plan unveiled to redevelop site

New life for Platypus

The former HMAS Platypus site on Sydney Harbour is to be redeveloped at a cost of up to $70 million. Platypus was decommissioned in 1999 when the Navy’s submarine facilities and torpedo workshops were relocated to HMAS Stirling. Before becoming Navy property, the area was a farm wharf, whaler mooring and a gasworks.