The Hon. Fran Bailey, MP
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Defence

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10 Jun 2004

PARLSEC 046/04 Thursday, 10 June 2004


The Point Nepean Community Trust was established today to manage the 90 hectares of Commonwealth land at Point Nepean, until its transfer to the State Government as an integrated national park within five years.

The Community Trust Deed was signed by the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Defence, Fran Bailey MP, and the Chair of the Committee of Management, Mr Simon McKeon.

"Today is a great day for the community. The Point Nepean Community Trust has been established to provide a lasting legacy for all Victorians with the ultimate integration of the land into the Mornington Peninsula National Park," Fran Bailey said.

"The vision of the Community Trust is clear – we want to create a sustainable future for the 65 heritage buildings to be used as a Marine Education Centre and by a range of community groups, all within a world class national park. I look forward to the Community Trust assuming day to day management of this unique area."

The Community Trust Deed will ensure no commercial development of the land, preservation of all heritage buildings and the natural environment, guaranteed public access and consultation, application of state and local planning laws, and management of the land in accordance with the Draft Community Master Plan.

"I would like to thank all those people who have contributed during the consultation phase on the Trust Deed. In particular, I would like to thank the State Government through its Parks Victoria representative for its contribution to the Trust Deed," Fran Bailey said.

"The Point Nepean Community Trust really is a Community Trust, with strong grass roots representation implementing the Community Master Plan," Fran Bailey said.

The Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for the Defence has invited the nominated trustees to become members of the Community Trust. The proposed trustees include two elected members of the Community Reference Group (Dr Ursula de Jong and Mr David Stewart) and representatives of the:

  • Australian Government;
  • Australian Heritage Council;
  • Australian Maritime College;
  • Parks Victoria; and
  • The Victorian Boonerwrung Elders Land Council Aboriginal Corporation.



Excerpts of the Objects of the Point Nepean Community Trust (clause 2) – as outlined in the Deed of Settlement of Trust.


    1. The Objects of the Trust are to protect, conserve, present and manage the Land for the benefit of all Australians consistent with the Land becoming an Integrated National Park whilst providing public access consistent with the preservation, conservation and enjoyment of the Land, and:
      • to manage the Land for the benefit of the Australian public in accordance with the future vision and key aspects of the Draft Community Master Plan,

2.1.2 to ensure future uses of the Land are environmentally, socially and economically sustainable;

2.1.3 to develop, administer, manage and operate a respite centre on the Land to be made available to the families of children with disabilities, or any other categories of persons as may be determined by the Trustee from time to time;

2.1.4 to preserve, conserve and maintain the cultural, historical and natural environmental heritage of the Land;

2.1.5 to preserve, conserve and maintain the Heritage Values of the Land;

2.1.6 to preserve, conserve and maintain the environmental features of the Land;

2.1.7 to promote, encourage and support marine and coastal education and research;

2.1.8 to provide access to the Land by the Australian public consistent with the preservation and conservation of the Land to foster and encourage the appreciation and understanding of the cultural and environmental heritage of the Land; and

2.1.9 to foster, promote, encourage and develop the knowledge, understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of and participation in the Indigenous and European culture and history of the Land by the Australian public.


The Australian Government also handed over today its contribution of $5 million to the Community Trust. After a long history at Point Nepean, Defence is now working with the Department of Environment and Heritage to support the long-term vision of the Community Trust.

A full copy of the Trust Deed and photographs of the execution of the Trust Deed are available in the Downloads section at

Media information:

Simon McKeon (Pt Nepean Community Trust) 0417 249 102

Kevin Lowe (Fran Bailey) 0408 404 468

Joshua Hutton (Defence) 0408 498 664

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