The Hon. Joel Fitzgibbon MP,
Minister for Defence

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29 Oct 2008

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The Minister for Defence, the Hon Joel Fitzgibbon MP, today announced that a contract has been signed with Thales Australia for an additional 293 Bushmaster vehicles.


“The Bushmaster has demonstrated its ability to provide a high level of protection for our soldiers,” Mr Fitzgibbon said.


“This protection, coupled with exceptional mobility at speed and in desert conditions, provides a capability that is unparalleled by any comparable vehicle in operation in the world.”


First deployed to the Middle East in 2005, the Bushmaster has acquitted itself well in Iraq and Afghanistan, proving to be a highly relevant and capable vehicle that has captured the attention of coalition armed forces. Bushmasters have been exported to the Netherlands and United Kingdom, and a number of other countries have also shown a keen interest in the Protected Mobility Vehicles.


The Australian Defence Force (ADF) is providing protected mobility to Australian troops with the acquisition of a further 293 Bushmasters to meet Protected Mobility Medium requirements for Land 121 Project Overlander Phase 3.


These vehicles will provide protection by replacing trucks where troops are required to travel in the rear of the vehicle.


The Overlander Phase 3 requirement also includes additional vehicles to enable the Enhanced Land Force. 


“An enhanced acquisition process and close cooperation between the Australian Government and Australian industry has resulted in a world class product for Australia, and has received international interest,” Mr Fitzgibbon said.


These additional Bushmasters will increase the total number of vehicles being acquired under Land 116 Project Bushmaster Phase 3 to 737.


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Defence Media Liaison:                                       02 6265 3343 or 0408 498 664

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