The Hon. Dr Brendan Nelson,
Minister for Defence

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07 Dec 2006





Another key step has been taken in the Howard Government’s plan to substantially increase the size of the Australian Army, with the approval to implement Stage 1 of the Enhanced Land Force.


This stage will increase the size of the Army by one additional Battalion with essential supporting battle-group and Joint capabilities. The Battalion will be raised in 2007, have core capabilities in place by 2008 and be deployable by 2010.


Under the Enhanced Land Force Plan, a second battalion will also be raised, bringing the total strength of the Army to 8 Battalions - 2 Mechanized, 5 Light and 1 Commando. Approximately 2600 additional personnel will be recruited.


The implementation of stage 1 of the Enhanced Land Force includes concurrent facility design and development for both stages and the acquisition of over 100 Bushmaster Infantry Mobility Vehicles.

This will bring the size of the Bushmaster fleet of vehicles to more than 400 vehicles.


The Bushmaster vehicle is manufactured in Bendigo and is currently on Operational service in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Bushmaster IMV has been commended by those soldiers who have experience operating the vehicle in tough conditions.




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Unit            Type                     Location


1RAR              Light                             Townsville


2RAR              Light                             Townsville


3RAR              Light                             Townsville


4RAR              Commando                  Sydney


5RAR              Mechanised                  Darwin


6RAR              Light/Motorised            Brisbane


7RAR              Mechanised                  Adelaide


8/9 RAR          Light/Motorised            SE Queensland


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