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Image Gallery: September 2010

17 September 2010
Fire Power Demonstration

Some of the Army’s most advanced weapon systems were displayed in a fire power demonstration during the 3rd Brigade’s Combined Arms Training Activity.

A combined arms battle group engaged targets by day and night with mortars, artillery, cavalry, helicopters and Royal Australian Air Force fighter aircraft at the Townsville Field Training Area on September 9.

The 2nd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment’s Combat Team Bravo manned the defensive position for the display and was supported by B Squadron 3rd/4th Cavalry Regiment in protected mobility vehicles.

Brigadier Stuart Smith Commander 3rd Brigade said the soldiers demonstrated the weapons that may be bought to bear in the combined arms battle in order to paint a picture of the way that battle may be fought.

“Combined arms is about mutual support - air supporting ground forces, aviation supporting combat forces and armour, cavalry and artillery combining with infantry to fight the land battle,” Brigadier Smith said.

“All this is underpinned by a strong combat services support element, in particular, to preserve our force with casualty evacuation.”

“There is one lesson that I would like the soldiers to take back and that is the lesson of mutual support.”

Artillery support was provided by 4th Field Regiment and a Chinook from 5th Aviation Regiment was used to display rotary wing capabilities.