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Image Gallery: August 2009

26 August 2009
Operation Kokoda Assist

The Australian Federal Police - Disaster Victim Identification teams have completed the task of identifying the remains form the PNG Airways crash near Kokoda on the 11 August 25, 2009 and with the crash site now clear of wreckage needed for investigation by Australian Transport Safety Bureau and the PNG authorities, the Australian Defence Force is now ready to bring those who lost their lives home.

A C-130 from Richmond NSW arrived on the 25 August 2009 in preparation for the repatriation of those Australians who tragically lost there lives while flying to the Kokoda track, a place where many Australians come to bond with track and its history with World War II.

The Australian Defence Force were responsible for assisting the Papua New Guinea authorities by placing the Disaster Victim Identification team at the crash site and providing constant support to the PNG authorities already there, as they worked to recover the remains.

ADF assets included Air Force C-17 and C-130 transport aircrafts and two Army Black Hawk helicopters who worked with an Air Force Caribou crew as they maintained daily sustainment runs between the Kokoda Track and the crash site.

There were numerous Defence Force members who contributed to the efforts of Operation Kokoda Assist, from Navy, Army and Air Force the ADF worked tirelessly till the task was complete.

The deployed ADF assets were continuously reviewed to ensure that they remained ready and relevant to the operation with adjustments to the force capability, ensuring they were able to provide the most effective use of Defence and AFP personnel and assets till the mission was complete.