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Image Gallery: August 2009

19 August 2009
Operation Kokoda Assist – Update

With the aid of Australian Army Engineers, the first engine was retrieved from the crash site of the ill fated flight of Airlines PNG, a nine hour trek from Kokoda, utilising Army Black Hawk helicopters skillfully attaching an ‘under slung load’ as the pilots deftly departed the scene stopping at Kokoda to refuel before coming home to Port Moresby.

The air teams of Army and Air Force work as one, shows the Australian Defence Force capabilities coming together with the two platforms, the Army Black Hawk helicopter and the Air Force Caribou, as they operate in the rugged terrain of PNG.

From Air Force ground crews to Army Loadmasters, the Australian Defence force continues to provide food, water, and basic supplies to those still working at the crash site.

The Australian Defence Forces is working, ready and able to continue to provide support to the PNG authorities, assisting in all aspects of the operation.