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Image Gallery: August 2009

17 August 2009
Operation Kokoda Assist

The Australian and Papua New Guinea Defence Forces along with Australian Federal Police and PNG authorities worked tirelessly for five days to extract the last of the remains from the from the crash site of those that died in the Airlines PNG crash near Kokoda.

With the help of Air Force Caribou transport aircraft and its ability to land in remote locations without need of a commercial landing strip, combined with the Army Black Hawk helicopters precision spot landing, the Australian Defence Force was able to provide much needed food, water, and supplies to those working in the remote location.

Skilled Army Black Hawk pilots played a balancing act while PNG officials and Australian alike pitched-in and worked together loading and unloading supplies and personnel at the readymade Landing Zone constructed by the PNG Army.

Supporting the services of the; PNG Police, PNG Defence Force, Australian Transport Safety Bureau, (ATSB), AFP Disaster Victim Identification team, the Australian Air Force, Army and Navy all contributed to assisting in all aspects of the operation.