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Image Gallery: August 2009

14 August 2009
ADF and AFP on task for Operation Kokoda Assist

With the assistance of Australian Defence Force Black Hawk helicopters Australian Federal Police from the Disaster Victim Identification team are now in a position to support the complicated task of recovering the remains of those that died in the Airlines PNG crash near Kokoda on Tuesday, assisting Papua New Guinean authorities in the challenging days ahead.

With the crash site located a thousand feet above the cloud face, reaching it safely is proving difficult as Black Hawk pilots make attempts to reach the site.

The uses of winches to lower key personnel to the crash site under the extreme conditions are being used as an additional option to get them on the ground.

The ADF actions are very much focused on placing the Disaster Victim Identification team at the crash site and to continue supporting the PNG authorities already in location, as they work to recover the victims.

The completion of a helicopter landing pad will now provide a secure landing site, metres away from the crash site, in order to allow quick and safe passenger and sustainment flights.

Once in place the Disaster Victim Identification team will be sustained at the site by two ADF Black Hawk helicopters as the C-17 Globemaster has now left PNG late Thursday on other operational taskings.

Commander of the Australian Task Force, Wing Commander David Howard says his contingent is steadfast to the mission and will endeavor to provide continued assistance to the Papua New Guinea government.

The deployed ADF assets have been continuously reviewed to ensure that they remain ready and relevant to the operation. As adjustments to the force capability remains in tact and able to provide the most effective use of Defence and AFP personnel and assets.