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Image Gallery: August 2009

12 August 2009
The Duke of Gloucester Cup 2009

The Duke of Gloucester Cup (DOG Cup) is a prestigious event for, Infantry (RAINF) Battalions, of the Royal Australian Regiment (RAR). All seven of the Regular Army Regiments come together from around Australia, in competition for the DOC Cup. Since its inception during the occupation of Japan in 1947, the DOC Cup challenges it competitors in a series of activities, which test each solders skills and technique in the art of soldiering.

The event ran from August 2 to 6 and sections competed in a range of activities at Singleton Military Area (SMA). The DOG Cup activities included section attacks and fighting withdrawals, urban assault, security, night navigation and shoot, Casualty Evacuation (CasEvac) scenarios, vehicle IED incidents, Vehicle Check Points (VCPs) and culminated in a 15km pack march and a bayonet assault course. The range of activities was designed to assess team dynamics and individual soldier skills under stressful and enduring conditions.