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Image Gallery: August 2009

06 August 2009
Going Solo

The Defence Community Organisation has developed a DVD to support Australian Defence Force (ADF) families manage the challenges that may be experienced during a member's absence from home.

This DVD “Going Solo Dealing with Absence in Defence Families” has been prepared to assist ADF members and their families during times of the member’s absence from home.

This DVD outlines different strategies and ideas that have been shared by ADF families to assist during periods of service related absences.

Each family is unique and develops their own strategies that work for them. We hope that these strategies outlined in this DVD will provide you with some ideas that will enhance some of the things you are already doing as a family.

The DVD is divided into the following sections:

Preparing for the member’s absence
Staying in touch during the member’s absence
Re-uniting as a family when the member returns home.