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Image Gallery: August 2008

Military Working Dogs Celebrate 50 Years of Faithful Service

01 August 2008

The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) is celebrating 50 years of military working dog training with the Graduation Parade of the Air Force’s newest Military Working Dogs and their handlers on Thursday 31 July.

Air Force Military Working Dogs have played an essential role in the security of air bases since their formal introduction in 1958. They have served in Australia, Butterworth Malaysia, Singapore, and East Timor.

Chief of Air Force, Air Marshal Mark Binskin, watched over the parade. Air Marshal Binskin was himself a foster carer of a RAAF dog and was reunited with his dog “MIG” today. As thanks for his continued support of the RAAF dogs and the Puppy Foster Program, Air Marshal Binskin was presented with a keepsake military working dog coat.

Wing Commander Simon Sauer, Commanding Officer of RAAF Security and Fire School, said “This parade is significant for a number of reasons, firstly we welcome the newest Military Working Dog teams to Air Force, and will see these Teams now move out to a number of Air Force Bases as a key part of our security capability. Secondly, we recognise the history and experience associated with Military Working Dog operations in the Air Force.”

After the parade, both puppies from the Puppy Foster Program and fully trained Military Working Dogs entertained the crowd with an impressive display of military skills.

Present and former Security Police and Military Working Dog Handlers were present to celebrate this important milestone. The 50th Anniversary will also be celebrated with a special dinner on Friday 1st August.