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Image Gallery: October 2007

Rock star awarded military honours

30 October 2007

The Angels' frontman Doc Neeson was presented with two military medals in Baghdad while touring across the Middle East as part of a morale-boosting concert series for Australian troops known as 'Tour de Force.'

Before becoming a professional musician, Doc was called on for National Service in 1968.

Originally posted to the 3rd Battalion The Royal Australia Regiment, Doc later transferred to the Education Corps to become a teacher. He was promoted to Sergeant and later left the service to sing and study for a double honours degree in drama and film production.

Although it's taken a while for the medals to be awarded, Doc was ecstatic they could be presented 'in the field' by the commander of Australian forces in the Middle East, Major General Mark Evans.

Doc Neeson said: "This has been really overwhelming. As Major General Evans pinned the medals on I was surrounded by the current generation of soldiers and they are not only brave and highly intelligent but they are good human beings.

"For me singing is more than getting the notes out, it's about releasing emotions and right now I feel like I could burst with patriotic pride," he said.

Doc Neeson was awarded the National Service Medal and the Australian Defence Medal.

They will sit alongside his Australian Services Medal, awarded in 1999 for peace keeping work 1947-1975 with a Papua New Guinea clasp.

The Aria Hall of Fame winner will wear his new medals during the remaining performances of his Tour De Force concerts for Australian troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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