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Image Gallery: June 2006

Ceremony in Perth marking the 10th anniversary of the Black Hawk accident

12 June 2006

Tragedy and heroism were both recalled at the 10th anniversary of the Black Hawk accident.

The memorial service held at Campbell Barracks, home to the Australian Army’s Special Air Service Regiment (SASR).

Relatives of the men killed in the tragedy joined survivors, friends, dignitaries and serving SASR troopers gathered to pay respect to those who died in one of Australia’s worst peacetime military training accidents.

On the evening of Wednesday June 12, 1996, a formation of six Black Hawk helicopters departed RAAF Townsville to conduct a counter-terrorism approach exercise in the High Range Training Area.

30 seconds from the Landing Zone (LZ) one of the helicopters veered to the right, clipping the tail rotor of a second aircraft.

Both aircraft caught fire, with one Black Hawk crashing immediately while the other was able to make a crash landing.

The moments that followed were marked by outstanding heroism as crash survivors and soldiers from the other helicopters risked the flames and exploding ammunition to rescue their comrades and retrieve the bodies of the dead.

15 members of the SASR and three members of the 5th Aviation Regiment lost their lives in the accident 14 personnel were given official recognition for their part in the rescue and evacuation operations.