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13/11/2006 MECC 297/06
CPA 245/05


The Creation of the Australian Army’s Official Art Collection


The unveiling of the newest additions to the Australian Army’s official art collection will be held at Royal Military College (RMC) Officers Mess today.


Since World War one, the Australian Government has appointed official war artists to cover those conflicts in which Australians were involved.  During World War Two, the Australian War Memorial took control of the scheme but the individual services maintained their own art programs using artists already serving in uniform. After hostilities ceased, the War Memorial maintained their scheme but the individual services’ schemes ceased.


Today, the scheme will be reborn within the Army following the appointment of a serving Army member, Captain Conway Bown, as the official Army War Artist and the unveiling of his art work.


Captain Bown previously served in the Middle East as an Army Chinook helicopter pilot but his last journey there was with pencils and brushes as the Army’s official War Artist.


Australia’s involvement in the conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan has been a defining moment in our recent military history and has been captured through the art work produced by the official War Artist.


The initial collection will be placed on display providing members of the ADF an opportunity to appraise the pieces.


The Australian Army has a rich heritage of professionalism, dedication and honour and with this new art work; soldiers will be able to see their endeavours displayed on paper and canvass.




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