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18/11/2010 MECC 543/10



Afghan National Army builds new patrol base in West Dorafshan


The Afghan National Army (ANA) continues to demonstrate its growing capabilities as a security force, building a new ANA patrol base in the West Dorafshan region of Uruzgan Province, Afghanistan.


The construction of the new patrol base is part of Operation Sur Gurabe, the Afghan name for the operation known by coalition forces as Operation Boston, to provide security in West Dorafshan.


Afghan National Army Engineer, Sergeant Rahmatullah, said the building of the patrol base is a sign for the locals that the ANA intends to maintain a permanent security presence.


“This area [West Dorafshan] was known for being dangerous,” Sergeant Rahmatullah said.


“But now we have come here with the Australians to change the security for the future of these people.


“The local people want security; they want us [the Afghan National Army] here - they asked us to build this patrol base and that is why we have come,” Sergeant Rahmatullah added.


Working around the clock, ANA engineers completed the outer wall of the base and commenced the erection of the guard tower within three days.


Engineer mentor with Mentoring Task Force – Two (MTF-2), Captain Jason Mildon, said the ANA engineers are developing capability that is similar to their Australian counterparts.


“When it comes time to work, they work very hard,” Captain Mildon said. 


Commanding Officer of MTF-2, Lieutenant Colonel Darren Huxley said the new patrol base is more than just a permanent presence for the ANA – it is a symbol for the Afghan people.


“This operation has shown us that the ANA is an increasingly capable force,” Lieutenant Colonel Huxley said.


“They can help their own people by clearing and securing areas, and they can build patrol bases which allow them to remain in a permanent capacity and provide security for the local people.”


Once complete, the patrol base will be home to ANA soldiers and a small number of Australian mentors. 


Together they will prevent the insurgents from returning to the area, and enable the Afghan Government to provide basic services and promote development in West Dorafshan.


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