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16/11/2010 MECC 537/10


MTF-2 hits ground running in Uruzgan Province


Mentoring Task Force - Two (MTF-2) has hit the ground running in Uruzgan, conducting mentored patrols with its Afghan National Army partners to disrupt insurgents’ activities, locate and destroy weapons and Improvised Explosive Device (IED) caches, and provide a more secure region.


Building on the good work of MTF-1, MTF-2 and its Afghan partners have maintained the pressure on insurgents and been involved in several small arms contacts in recent weeks.


In one contact on 4 November, a patrol near a forward operating base in the Baluchi Valley was engaged by insurgents with small arms. The soldiers quickly defeated the insurgents with a combination of small arms and Australian 81 mm mortars. No Afghan soldiers, Australian soldiers or civilians were killed or wounded in that engagement.


The Afghan and Australian troops have also disrupted the insurgents’ ability to plan and conduct attacks by locating 11 IEDs and five weapons caches over the past fortnight alone. 


Commanding Officer of MTF-2, Lieutenant Colonel (LTCOL) Darren Huxley, has visited MTF-2 soldiers at forward operating and patrol bases across Uruzgan Province to gain an appreciation of the conditions under which they live, fight and train with the Afghan National Army.


“It’s extremely important for commanders to speak with their soldiers and team leaders on a regular basis. I gain a faster appreciation for the issues of significance to them,” LTCOL Huxley said.


“It’s also a great opportunity for me to update the soldiers on our operational plan and to congratulate them for the great work they’re doing since arriving here.


“MTF-2 soldiers have a tough job ahead but I’m in no doubt our soldiers are up to the task.”

Media Note: MTF-2 is the Australian mentoring contingent that operates as part of the ISAF flagged, US-led Combined Team-Uruzgan.


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