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08/11/2010 MECC 522/10


Senior Taliban Leader Killed In Uruzgan



A successful Afghan National Security Force and Special Operations Task Group operation against insurgents in Central Uruzgan was conducted on Saturday, 6 November resulting in one district-level Taliban leader being killed.


Mullah Mohammadullah and another insurgent were killed when they fired at the combined force while fleeing the Shahid-e Hasas area, near Deh Rawud.  The event occurred during a combined disruption operation against an improvised explosive device and weapons distribution ring.


Mullah Mohammadullah operated at the district level and was known to have resourced, planned and coordinated operations against the International Security Assistance Force and the Afghan National Security Force in the region, as well as being a known distributor of weapons and money for the insurgents.


The outcome of this combined operation is likely to have an impact on the ability of insurgent networks to coordinate operations in central Uruzgan province as well as removing a key link to the senior Taliban leadership.


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