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02/11/2010 MECC 511/10

Accident involving ISF vehicle


A young East Timorese man was taken to hospital in Dili for observation after he collided with the rear of an International Stabilisation Force (ISF) vehicle on Monday, 25th October.


The man, who remained conscious and did not display any visible signs of injury, is believed to have lost control of the motor scooter he was riding.


The driver of the ISF vehicle offered immediate assistance to the young man before he was taken to hospital by a local ambulance.


The youth was released from hospital the same day with superficial cuts and abrasions to his arms and legs.


The ISF driver was uninjured and no other persons were involved in the accident.


Defence has established contact with the youth as part of ongoing tracking of the incident.


UN Police and Timor Leste Transit Police attended the scene and conducted their own investigation.


ISF personnel adhere to mandatory driving rules that are strictly enforced by Military Police, however the driving conditions in Dili can be unpredictable and erratic.  The driver of the ISF vehicle was adhering to the ISF driving rules and local driving laws, and provided all appropriate support both to the East Timorese man and the local authorities.


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