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09/06/2010 MECC 213/10

Wednesday, 9 June 2010                                                                                    213/10

Brisbane troops home from East Timor


Australian soldiers from Alpha Company of the 8th/9th Battalion of the Royal Australian Regiment (RAR) have returned home to Brisbane today after a successful four month deployment in the International Stabilisation Force (ISF), East Timor.


The returning Alpha Company soldiers will be replaced by members of Bravo Company, also from the 8th /9th Battalion RAR, Brisbane.


Approximately 130 personnel from Alpha Company joined the International Stabilisation Force (ISF) in February 2010 to help maintain stability and provide a secure environment for the ongoing development of East Timor.


Commander of the ISF, Colonel Simon Stuart, said Alpha Company have provided an outstanding capability during their time in East Timor.


“I think the main highlight for Alpha Company was the capacity-building with the East Timorese Military (F-FDTL). We held a large number of training activities covering conventional war fighting and peace keeping operations which included urban operations, live fire ranges and field firing,” said Colonel Stuart.


“Alpha Company also undertook community engagement patrols in Dili and in the districts where they participated in Medical Civic Action Programs delivering vital medical aid to remote villages.”


“I am very proud of Alpha Company. They are a relatively young Company and they have grown both individually and collectively during their time in this Operation,” Colonel Stuart said.  


Private Joe Rounds, a transport supervisor from Alpha Company, enjoyed the opportunity to help the local community.


“I know it sounds a bit corny but you do get a really good feeling inside to know that we have done something to help here, a real mission,” said Private Rounds.


Colonel Stuart reminded the remaining ISF personnel in East Timor that it will be business as usual throughout and after the change over of personnel. 


“The ISF remains dedicated to supporting the Government of East Timor, and to a safe and secure East Timor,” said Colonel Stuart.


Interviews with the Commander of the ISF Colonel Simon Stuart and the Officer Commanding of Alpha Company Major Tim Warner are available on request.


Imagery from Alpha Company’s deployment can be found at


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