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DPAO 062/99
Friday March 5, 1999


The Chief of the Australian Defence Force, Admiral Chris Barrie, will lead a team of senior Defence representatives to attend a high level future-looking bilateral forum in Jakarta next week (March 9-11).

ADML Barrie said the CDF-PANGAB Forum was further proof of the close and growing strategic partnership now evolving between our two defence organisations. A closer defence relationship between Australia and Indonesia would allow both countries to adapt to significant change in our strategic environment. It will explore developments likely to influence military roles and responsibilities into the 21st Century.

The CDF referred to the formal declaration made by the Australian and Indonesian military leadership in the 1995 Agreement on Maintaining Security, "which was a formal commitment to strengthen friendship and cooperation in the security field."

The Forum highlighted the fact that the two nations lived in a period of rapid social, economic, political and technological change that was affecting the whole region. "This important forum brings together the key leaders and decision-makers of our defence organisations and demonstrates that we can work together in many areas which affect our common security interests," ADML Barrie said.

He said the Forum aimed to explore and develop new paradigms for military organisations and consider planning models and tools for managing and implementing change. It would also lead to the strengthening of personal and professional linkages in support of the Agreement on Maintaining Security.

Speakers at the Forum, which will be held at a Jakarta hotel, include a number of senior ADF officers and Defence civilians. An expert from the United States will present on civil - military relations. Some 20 senior Australian Defence representatives will attend the Forum.


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